• Historically, floristry has been a very carbon intensive industry, but nowadays most florists are trying to source their flowers and foliage closer to home. This has resulted in many wonderful UK based flower farms being created. We are very excited to have begun the process of restoring our old eucalyptus plantation back to its former glory after being unloved for the past twenty years. The trees will hopefully respond well to the 'big coppice' and by September we hope to have a beautiful UK grown product available. Whether you are a florist, or a private individual and you're interested in buying UK grown eucalyptus, please do subscribe to our newsletter in order to be kept up to date with our exciting news!


The trees had been neglected for the past twenty years and were in dire need of attention! Once the Felling Licence had been granted we were excited to start the big coppice. Now the trees are responding very well and sending out quality new growth.